Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Two - Life at the Hotel

We just got done talking to David a little while ago and he said he is still really tired but he slept well last night. Thank you for your prayers with the train ticket. After a lengthy telephone conversation, David was able to switch his ticket to the right destination - it was about a 30 pound difference, but at least he didn't have to buy a new ticket.

One thing that has been hard to adjust to, is the difference with the English language. He said it is strange to hear people speaking English but not have a clue what they are saying. It makes you feel like an outsider. 

Today passed by slowly because there isn't any tourist activities near the hotel. But there was a little burst of excitement! David was in his room when the fire alarm went off. He didn't think anything about it at first. But as it was going off for close to two minutes, he decided to put on his shoes and investigate. He didn't want to be the "dumb American" who was stuck in his room. It turns out that as he went into the hall, the people in the room next door were just coming out of their room too (they were also Americans). The wife called the desk and found out that they were just testing the alarm system!
At least David knows that the Police and Fire Departments are doing their jobs well!

Prayer Requests:

  • Tomorrow when David takes the train to Carnforth he has to switch three trains. Pray for peace and alertness as he makes the changes. 
  • Also David asked if you would pray for those he will sharing a room with this year. He is also hoping to get a smaller room with less people but knows that if he gets placed in a larger one, God has a plan and a purpose for it.

Power Convertor 

Electrical Outlet

David was amazed by the small light switches.

David's water system. There aren't any stores nearby so David
has been heating up water in the teapot to have water to drink.

The workstation


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