Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Update from David

It 's hard to believe it is already the 6th of October! We talked to David and he is doing well. He recovered from his cold and is enjoying his classes. Paul was one of the guest speakers this week. He is from Walk Through the Bible. In his sessions, students learned hand motions to remember key concepts from God's Word. This week they went through the Old Testament. Paul will return in November to teach through the New Testament. David really enjoyed his teaching style.

It has been unusually warm there, around 93 degrees (and no air conditioning), David wishes he brought shorts. But it should be getting cooler soon. Although it is probably good that he didn't bring his whole closet. He did his laundry the other day which cost $9.00 US money. I don't know about David, but I think I would take a bar of soap and find a lake!

This week he will take part in outreach. He had to choose three out of twelve options. He signed up for packing missionary boxes, elderly care (visiting and playing games with them), and helping in the soup kitchen for the homeless. He is excited about the opportunities. We'll have to wait and see what area he is placed into.

His responsibility on campus is to clean the guest speakers room. He has to clean the shower, toilet, refrigerator, restock tea, vacuum, etc.

On November 7th, David and the other student from AZ will be doing the Bible study for their interactive group. They have to choose an object to teach about and have verses that tie into their message.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures from David's hike soon. The last time he sent pictures, it took half an hour to send them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pictures of Capernwray

We just talked to David this morning. He is enjoying his classes. Today they took a 4 mile hike in the Lake District. He couldn't fully enjoy it though, because he (and most of his classmates) have come down with a cold. By the time we talked to him, he was quite exhausted from the six hour hiking excursion. 

In the week that he's been there, he has met a lot of new friends. Most of the students attending this year are from Canada. There are only four students from England, several from Germany, and some from the USA. Two of his roommates are from Canada and the other one is from Colorado. There are around 180 students altogether. 

Prayer Requests... 

  • That everyone recovers from the sickness quickly. 
  • And that David continues to grow closer to the Lord.